Who am I?

I'm a 22 year old who loves to draw, take photos, play sports and listen to music! (Original...)

I'm Daniel, but everyone calls me Danny!

I'm currently based in Drogheda, and still living with my parents because who can afford a house these days? :)

I've always been a creative person, from art and woodwork throughout school, to web design and photography, I just love making new things!


What am I?

Artist, Designer, Modeller and Game Enthusiast!

(You could call me a Game Boy...)

I'm an aspiring games artist, who has just graduated from TUD with a first-class honours degree in Game Design. 

I'm a fantastic team player, who communicates well with others and always strives to do their best!

Graphic Design and 3D Modelling are the feilds I woud love to see myself have a successful career in.



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